At Venture Cella, we are on a mission to help investors identify the best investment opportunities and help founders get access to the right capital for their companies no matter where they are located or who they know.

The old world of investing was all about where you are located and who you knew. And while human relationships are necessary, they’re also vulnerable to bias.

The entrepreneurs best positioned to solve the world’s biggest problems don’t always live in Silicon Valey or New York, don’t always graduate from Harvard or Stanford and don’t always belong to the ethnic or gender VC majority.

We Are Here to Change the World of Investing
The world TOP VCs and business angels come to us when they are looking for the best teams with the best ideas, the best execution, and the best metrics funded on the merits of their achievements, not the status characteristics of their founders or the exclusivity of their professional networks.
We work with founders who DON’T struggle to raise capital for lack of talent, drive, or ingenuity, but who struggle because they don’t know the secret handshake or they’re simply too busy building the next big thing and don't have time knocking on VC doors all day long!
What we do:
We identify, evaluate and connect the most promising entrepreneurs with investors who have the capital to deploy, who are right for their fund size & sector, and who are a strategic fit in terms of their future goals.

How We Are Different

AI Due-Dill and Matching

Unlike most "VC marketplaces", with Venture Cella, you don’t need to spend weeks or months analyzing tons of raw data trying to identify the right opportunity. We do that for you with the help of our quantitative diligence engine and proprietary AI algorithm that match investors and founders strictly based on their criteria.

Quality Not Quantity

Unlike existing professional social media like LinkedIn, at Venture Cella, we are focused on quality, not quantity, so not everyone qualifies to work with us. We evaluate and double-check every single investor and startup before onboarding them to ensure that you don’t spend time on irrelevant discussions.

Pay What is Fair

We charge founders using a Pay What is Fair approach so that the founder can choose what % (2-5%) to pay to us and do that only if they raised the funds via our network.

Success of Founders

We’re interested in the success of founders who work with us, so we can provide all the necessary resources to make sure founders succeed.

Looking for an Investment

Carefully selected startups that match your strict investment criteria just behind the button.

Looking to Raise

Hundreeds of vetted investors from all around the US and Europe are ready to talk with you.