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A simple and secure way to collaborate on network vetted deals. Made for VCs and PEs.

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VCella is a deal-focused networking tool tailored for industry professionals only.

Business Angels

Syndicate on qualified deals with other BAs, VCs or share deals to build relationships and find value-add investment partners for your future deals.

Venture Capital Firms

Find co-investors or join deals that receive capital from TOP venture capital firms. Build relationships with other VCs and LPs via meaningful intros.

Private Equity Firms

Get introduced to network-vetted companies who want to sell their business or seek expansion capital.


Identify the best investment opportunities and meet VC Funds with a proven track record that match your criteria.






Venture Funds



In Collaboration With

The primary way for investors to find, collaborate and share industry-vetted investment opportunities

Identify, create, communicate and evaluate all your deals in one app.

Have easy access to deal members, assets, documents, and deal-related conversations in one place. Virtual data rooms and communication (text, video, audio) rooms for each deal.

Syndicate and Partnership

Find a lead investor, co-investor for your own deals or join VC network-vetted deals

Build relationships with investors and LPs

Build relationships with new LPs to raise funds or meet other investors through meaningful introductions to vetted companies or our matchmaking introductions.


Find and track your deals, build relationships, and streamline your communication with deal members in one place.

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Find Co-investors

Use all-in-one Deal Rooms

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How it Works

VCella streamlines your deal workflow and supercharges your relationships with the network to drive better investments.

Source Network Vetted Deal

You can join existing deals in our network as a co-investor (lead or following).

Explore opportunity

With our all-in Deal Room, you can see all the details about the investment opportunity, including pitch decks, video pitches, P&L, data from Crunchbase and easily communicate with deal members.

Find co-investors.

You can find co-investors for the deal you identified in our network or create your own deal and find co-investors via the network.

Build relationships.

Build respect with LPs, VCs, BAs via proper deal sharing and meaningful introductions.

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